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Yes, we are the original just have a new look, a new feature-rich shopping platform, and fewer shopping categories with sub-categories to make your shopping selections easier.      

We welcome our long-established
SeniorSSuperStoreS  customers to our new shopping site!!

Since 2000 -  based along the Grand Strand of South Carolina -  SeniorS SuperStoreS has been the premiere online source for merchandise and solutions for the special needs of senior citizens.  We provide sensible solutions for seniors to live more independently, safely, and with more comfort and dignity.

Our merchandise is separated into departments for your shopping ease, and those departments are listed on the top of each page. You may reach these departments by simply clicking on them. 

Note: Our new shopping site is hosted by Amazon, so if you have shopped at Amazon and have used the Amazon check-out process in the past, you can now use that process to shop with us.  But, you can shop here and pay for your purchase without using the Amazon process if you wish.

As a benefit to our customers who rely on us for supplying their compression hosiery, we will, for a limited time, not charge you for shipping.  We realize that frequently buying these necessities gets expensive, so we want to help.

If you order 
six (6) or more pairs of our Support / Compression Hosiery  between March 7, 2014 and April 30, 2014, we will reduce your charge to reflect FREE STANDARD GROUND SHIPPING in the Continental US.  

We will apply the free shipping discount when we complete your charge card payment after your order ships. We will email you those details with our shipping confirmation email.

If you pay by mail and check, do not add a shipping charge if you order 6 or more pairs.

Shopping for Baby Boomers, Seniors and the Elderly.  Among our hundreds of solutions, following are just a few of our featured selections in their respective departments: 


We feature some of the most useful Gifts you can give a parent, a grandmother, a grandfather, loved one, friend, or other special person who is getting up in years or has special needs. This example is our Cane and Walker Headlight . We choose our gift selections to provide helpful solutions to the needs of baby boomers to the elderly and others - regardless of age - who may have sight or hearing impairmemnts, dexterity problems, or mobility difficulties.


Clarity amplified telephones and other telephone equipment for the hearing impaired, including dial-by-photo phones, Emergency Response and Braille phones, in our Phones and Pagers department. We also offer a personal pager to use to summon help from a care-giver. Featured here is the  Care Line Emergency Phone with Pendant
Solutions to make eating easier if you have hand or dexterity problems in our Kitchen department. If you have impairments that affect your ability to live comfortably and independently, then we are your One-Stop-Shop to help you live with more self-confidence and more dignity.
Bed Buddy and Champ hot and cold therapy products and Memory Foam comfort and health care items in our Health Products department.  This Champ Hot Mitt is one of our most popular selections to ease arthritis hand pain.
Handy to have around-the-house merchandise in our Household department, such as the Deluxe Foot Stool with 34 Inch Support Handle .  Make household chores easier and safer with the solutions that we provide.
Your will find magifiers and handy hobby solutions and Oxo gardening tools in our Hobbies department.
We have a wide selection of safety bed bars and bathroom bars, lifting devices, canes, walker accessories, power lift seats, and stabilizing devices in our Mobility department. Shown here is the  Arising Cane
You will find unique Olive Branch Olive Oil and PhysAssist skin care products, lotion applicators and bathing tools in our Skin Care department.
We are one of the leading internet retailers of the top quality Therafirm / Knit Rite line of support / compression hosiery for both women and men in our Support Hosiery department. We also feature the exceptional Therafirm Core-Spun line of wrestle-free compression hosiery.
You will find relief for diabetic peripheral neuropathy and other foot problems in our Foot Care department.  This is our  FlexiShoe Pressure-Free Shoes for Problem Feet .
You will find  Brain Teasers and Exercises for seniors in our Leisure and Travel department.  For example, here is So You Think You're Smart  Brain Teasers.  We feature the line of such exercises for the brain by famed syndicated newspaper columnist Pat Battaglia.
Dressing chores can be a challenge for people with various impairments that make bending and pulling difficult.  We offer a number of solutions for these problems in our Clothing department.  Here is the popular  Deluxe Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid to assist you in putting on socks and compression hosiery.
If you or a loved one are one of the millions of people who suffer from incontinence, then this is the solution. Our reusable ladies' washable incontinence panty and men's brief look and feel like a regular soft cotton undergarment. They do not require a disposable pad, yet they hold up to 6 oz. of fluid because the protection is built-in!  More cost-effective than disposable pads. You will find them in our Incontinence department.
As we age, we are prone to falls and other accidents and dangers that put us at risk. We provide solutions to these safety needs. such as the PathLights Automatic Wireless LED Safety Lights in our Safety Products department.
If you, or someone you care about, has arthritic conditions, finger, hand or wrist problems, isses with dexterity and independent living, check out our Assistive Devices department for aids for daily living solutions - such as this handy 6-in-1 Multi-Opener .
We feature assisted listening / assisted hearing amplified devices that are cost effective alternatives to hearing aids, such as the  SuperEar┬« Plus Model 7500 Personal Sound Amplifier in our Assisted Hearing department. Here we also feature devices to aid your TV enjoyment.  If you have hearing problems, we have solutions.


In our Bathing & Grooming department we feature solutions to improve your safety, mobility, dexterity and independence if you suffer from arthritis, parkinson's disease, balance problems or otherwise need help with daily living, including bathing, toileting, and grooming. Here you will find the unique  Sliding-Rotating Bath Transfer Bench
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