Comfortable Spoon and Fork Holders
Enablers Spoon and Fork Holders

Comfortable Spoon and Fork Holders

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These Comfortable Spoon and Fork Holders are portable and stylish utensil holders fit onto virtually any style spoon and fork. 

These aids for daily living tools provide a secure and stress-free grip for kitchen utensils for seniors, the elderly and users with impaired hands and fingers, especially arthritis sufferers. 

They are ideally suited for eating out since you can carry them in your pocket or purse and attach them to the eating utensils in the restaurant then remove them when you're finished eating.

They are ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use.

Two per package.

The Enablers Brand solutions were designed in consultation with occupational therapists to assure that they do what they were supposed to do, with your hands as the primary concern.

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