Direct Plug-in PestChaser® Electronic Rodent Repeller
Plug-in PestChaser® Rodent Repeller

Direct Plug-in PestChaser® Electronic Rodent Repeller

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The PestChaser uses ultrasound to create an acoustically hostile environment to repel rodents. 

By producing a constant, unpleasant sound audible to rats and mice, it creates a stressful environment that they will avoid, usually within 6 to 10 days. 

Traps and poisons are effective only temporarily, and they are dangerous to pets and children. They also require handling the bodies of these potentially dangerous rodents. 

Used indoors, the sound waves reverberate off the walls and hard surfaces of a room to maximize the effectiveness. 

The PestChaser produces sweeping pulses not heard by humans, dogs, cats, birds and other domestic animals; yet, it produces a tone that sounds like a jackhammer to rodents.

Since 1982, millions of people have relied on the PestChaser® to help keep their homes and businesses free of disease-carrying rodents....without the use of inhumane traps and toxic poisons.

The Direct Plug-in PestChaser® fits discreetly into any unobstructed wall outlet. It works best in rooms where there is a visible electrical outlet unobstructed by furniture, drapery, or other objects.

The PestChaser is not recommended for use with an extension cord.

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