Saved By Soup Cookbook Recipes for Seniors
Saved By Soup Cookbook

Saved By Soup Cookbook Recipes for Seniors

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"Saved By Soup" Cookbook - There is no better way to tap into today's soup craze than with this cookbook. 

Soups are very popular food choices for seniors who want to eat light, want to avoid time in the kitchen and are cooking for just one or two rather than a large family. 

More than 100 delicious low-fat soups and soup recipes for seniors to eat and enjoy every day. Eat healthy with these flavorful recipes.

The author, Judith Barrett, lost pounds and inches using these tasty and healthy recipes, each of which contains less than 3 grams of fat per serving.

No matter what you like to eat, soup is always the answer - especially for seniors who want to eat light and healthy - yet nutritionally..

193 pages; 100 recipes with nutritional analyses and color illustrations.

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