Stay Bowl, White and Light Gray Color
Stay Bowl in White and Light Gray Color

Stay Bowl, White and Light Gray Color

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The ergonomic, soft-feel handle of the Stay Bowl balances and stabilizes the bowl on the table. The extended handle provides support to the hands, thus enabling a more controlled movement of food to the mouth. 

This daily living aid provides comfort, Independence, and safety while eating.

Lifting rim, opposite the handle, provides extra stabilization when lifting and transporting the bowl.

Pouring spouts on both sides of the bowl make it easier for you to drink or sip the liquid.

Unique design helps reduce risks of spills while transporting or eating away from a table.

Non-skid base prevents slipping and sliding.

Holds 2 cups / 16 oz / 1 pint of liquid allowing for 3/4" from the fluid level to the rim of the bowl to reduce chance of spillage when transporting liquids in the bowl.

Made from polycarbonate plastics, it is scratch resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Length with handle: 11 3/4", length without handle (bowl only): 6 1/2", width of bowl with drinking spouts: 7 1/8", height of bowl: 3".

Weight: 7 ounces.

Please click the Video link to see a video of the many uses of handy unique eating device.

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