SuperEar Plus Model 7500 Personal Sound Amplifier

SuperEar Plus Model 7500 Personal Sound Amplifier

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The Sonic Technology SuperEar Plus Model 7500 Personal Sound Amplifier boosts sound 50+ decibels. 

Cost effective alternative to hearing aids. 

As a popular Assisted Listening Device and personal amplifier, the SuperEar Plus is ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant. 

The SuperEar products have been tested and evaluated by hospitals, skilled nursing and long-term care facilities around the country and found to offer the clearest sound gain and the easiest operation for the most reasonable price of any assisted listening device on the market. 

The sleek design of the SuperEar Plus is ideal for slight to moderately hearing impaired users. The SuperEar Plus 7500 increases ambient sound gain 50+ decibels and picks up sounds up to 100 yards away using a multi-element, high sensitivity 90 degree swiveling microphone.

Ideal for slight to moderate hearing impairment, the Super Ear 7500 is perfect for watching television or getting the most from the theater, meetings, lectures, worship services, or simple conversations. 

Delivers clear, crisp sound through the included comfortable stereo ear buds. 

The simple on/off/volume control wheel is easy to operate. And it's easy to clean. 

Microphone and carrying case help eliminate annoying case noise. Carrying case with clip to help minimize scratchiness and feedback from personal handling. 

Comfortable stereo headphones (also included) are great for home use and provide hearing aid wearers with a welcome relief alternative from in-ear hearing aids. 

Laboratory tested to hearing aids standards. 

What glasses do to improve your vision, the SuperEar does to improve your ability to hear the sounds around you. 

The SuperEar is a high-tech, yet affordable, hearing solution which incorporates miniaturized circuit technology, combined with multi-element electronic microphone and matched output headphone drivers. 

Unobtrusive stereo ear bud earphones feature matched output drivers to deliver clear, crisp sound, and the earbuds are easily camouflaged in public 

Volume control wheel, located on the headphone lead wires, permits easy volume adjustment. 

Unit shuts off automatically after 45 minutes to conserve battery life (if you're using it and it auto-shuts off, simply switch it back on). 

It is powered by 2 AAA batteries to provide up to 80 hours of operation. 

Five year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Please click this Video link to see a video of the features of the SuperEar 7500 assisted hearing device.

And, to view a video of the SuperEar and the Centers for Medicare Services, click here.

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